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Common name: Flazasulfuron(BSI,draft E-ISO)

Mode of action: Systemic herbicide, rapidly absorbed through the leave and translocated thoughout the plant.

Targets: pre- and post- emergency control of grass and broad-leave weeds and sedges(especially Cyperus brevifolius and Cyperrus rotundus).

Main crop:Flazasulfuron is registered for use on non-residential areas including golf courses and non-residential turf areas such as industrial parks, tank fams, sod farms, seed farms, sports fields and commercial lawns.

Applied doses: Used as a selective herbicide for pre- and post-emergence. The product is proposed as a selective herbicide for post-emergence with some pre-emergence actibity for control of a broadcast spectrum of annual and perennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds in non-cropped areas growing on turf, including golf courses. The herbicide is only to be applied using ground application methods consisting of broadcast foliar spray and spot treatments with backpack sprayers. The maximum proposed application rate is 0.047 lb ai/acre, with three ground applications per season and 14-day reapplication intervals.

Main custom benefits:

Have a broad spectrum to pre- and post emergency control of grass, especially to malignant lawn weeds.

Improve the quality of the lawn & golf course, recover the sight and purity of lawn.

Longer time to control the weeds and better efficacy.

Friendly to environment and lower residues.

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