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Common name: oxine-copper(BSI,JMAF);oxine-copper (E-ISO);oxine-Cu(alternative E-ISO,(m)F-ISO);oxine-cuivre((m) F-ISO);oxyquinoleate de cuivre(France);copper 8-quinolinolate(Canada)
Biochemistry: The copper ions inhibit the metabolism of the fungus when they react with sulfur containing enzymes in the plant. Copper compounds form a protective barrier on the plant surface and thereby prevent fungi from entering the plant host.
Mode of action: Non-systemic,protective fungicide.Contact fungicide for the protection of  bacterial and fungal disease of trees and vegetables via restrain the gluconic acid, dehydrogenase phosphate, fumarase, amylase, aldolase etc. to control the disease.
Targets: Seed treatment for control of glume bloth,bunt,and snow mould of wheat;Cercospora, Phoma and Pythium beet;Alternaria and Botrytis flax;Alternaria and Phoma oilseed rape;Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in sunflowers;and leaf spot on celery;and scab and canker on pome fruit.Also used for sealing wounds and pruning cuts on trees,and for treatment of fruit- and potato- handling equipment.
Main crop: Vegetables, pome fruit, rice tomato.
Applied doses: Application rates range from 150-188 g/ha for control tomato late blight.
Main customer benefits:
A controlled release action, prevent long time to protect the crop.
A moderate pH value, can mix with the most of the pesticides, and not easy to cause pests and phyto-toxicity.
Strengthen the photosynthesis, boost the leaves green, beautify the fruit surface.

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